Human Resources Recruiters for Manufacturing Firms

As your team grows, your human resources needs grow with it. At Optimum Staffing Solutions, we find and attract experienced human resources professionals who align with your organization’s culture. This starts by working with your company to identify your human resource needs, developing an in-depth profile of your ideal applicant. We provide that same personal attention to candidates, understanding their experience and career aspirations to ensure the professionals we send along will be an ideal fit for your team. Our unwavering dedication to finding the right talent at the right time has made us a leading HR recruiter for manufacturing firms across the country.

We have a proven track record of successful placements in human resources positions at all levels, for both permanent hires and temporary or contract-to-hire opportunities. Our flexible recruiting strategy and broad network of talent gives us access to specialized and niche professionals other agencies can’t find, allowing us to meet complex staffing challenges quickly. The HR candidates we source have the skills to not just maintain your status quo, but to improve your hiring and employee management processes, driving higher employee engagement and retention and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your entire HR team.

We place job seekers into a range of human resources manufacturing roles

Benefit Analyst
Benefits Manager
Compensation Analyst
Human Resource Assistant
Human Resource Generalist
Human Resource Manager
Human Resource Recruiter
Human Resource Specialist
Labor Relations
Organizational Development Specialist
People Operations Specialist
Risk Manager

We've succesfully completed human resources searches for manufacturing firms

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